Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) is a science based, specialized myofascial stretch technique that uses dynamic movements to restore balance and proper function to the body.

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FST (also referred to as fascial stretch therapy) was created by Ann and Chris Frederick and is now known as the Frederick Stretch Technique or Therapy.  The Fredericks have been active participants and leaders in the field of research of collagen and fascia. Their research and the works of other leaders in the field like Thomas Myers, author of “Anatomy Trains”, has opened a new understanding of how the connective tissue in our anatomy functions.  Over 30 years of work on human movement and the role of fascia, particularly as it relates to quick and slow movements and athletic performance has led to the development of their FST method of stretching.  This method of stretching can be useful in helping to remodel the fascia to create optimal performance of the body.  The stretching may also reduce sticky, thick areas of fascia (think low back) that develop when placed under prolonged strain (poor sitting posture).  Personal experience has led me to believe that decompressing the hip joint capsules and fascia can have an almost immediate reduction in stiffness and pain especially with standing up and squatting.  The method is taught in a methodical hands-on way requiring each practitioner to master the stretches in order to maximize the safety and efficacy of the stretching.  Each level 1 practitioner has received a minimum of 40 hours of hands-on training.  Each level 2 practitioner has performed at least 100 hours of stretching and received additional 40 hours of training in more advanced techniques.  It is important when considering assisted stretching to consider the training involved.  The results will speak for themselves!

What FST is:

Gentle, pain-free, long lasting, fun, large gains. This is a dynamic table-based “dance” between the practitioner and the client.  The decompressive work in the joints will often produce immediate relief of pain and improvement in mobility after one session.  After a few sessions, results may be maintained for several weeks or months.

What FST is NOT:

Forceful, painful, temporary, small gains, boring.  FST is not static stretching that feels like pain or close to something tearing.

Certified level 2 Frederick Stretch Therapist

PT Gym offers services as a level 2 Frederick stretch therapy (FST) practitioner.

  • FST is a gentle decompressive type of stretching that targets the connective tissue or myofascia. This type of stretching can release pain and improve mobility!
  • This method of stretching has been transformative for my middle aged hips and it has helped several of my clients reduce pain and improve mobility. You will feel relaxed as I stretch and decompress your joints and connective tissue, restoring the natural balance of the tissue that makes up most of our body.
  • Fascia contains nerve endings and sensory receptors. Not only will you feel more free to move, but you will feel more secure and stable after FST
  • Your muscle and joint pain may actually be an indicator of thick or sticky fascia. Repetitive stress can cause fascia to thicken and restrict movement and blood flow.


Is it time to “set it free with FST?”

Fascia can be a difficult concept for some people to understand. One word picture that helped me was to think of a compression garment. A well fitted compression garment lends support to your body, but if your garment is too tight, it can cut off your circulation!

Stretching and remodeling tight fascia can be a game changer!

Here is a quick read on what fascia is and why it might be causing you pain. More importantly why stretching is helpful!

Click to learn more about facia

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Cost and time commitment:

  • 60-minute session: $100
  • 90-minute session: $145
  • Packages: Four 60-minute sessions may be purchased at 10% discount: $360 to be used within 1 calendar year – and split between up to 2 clients
  • Packages: Four 90-minute sessions may be purchased at 10% discount: $522 to be used within 1 calendar year – and split between up to 2 clients
  • Stretches are by appointment only.  Standard appointment times will be 8 am or 4 pm M-F, Saturdays between 8-12, and by appointment for alternate times
FST Stretching Therapy McKinney, Texas
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